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Letter to a Friend

Dear … ,

I am still increasingly impressed about your authority and your commitment to our petty nation. Especially it was eminent in the “Bronze Soldier” riot. Then you managed surprisingly effectively organize badly needed wide public support among our academic people to our Government.

But, alas, it seems to me at the moment, that for Kremlin-Stalinist-Putinist irredentist camp this riot had not contained for them enough “guts”, and so they seemingly are preparing a next step, now under the cover name “Russian Autonomic Estonia” or so.

If so seems really to be the case for you too, perhaps then it is not too much if I would ask you to give an impressive wake up call for our administration, to intervene as forcefully again as you have done last time, involving wide publicity and high administrative levels, in your competent style.

I am asking you, as you are among my friends surely not only the most brilliant scholar in the field of ex-soviet international politics and also eloquent columnist (by the way, aren’t bits of ex-soviet TV arranged even with our taxpayers money into this irredentists campaign?), but you also have firsthand analogical empirical evidences, especially from East-Ukraine, Crimea etc.

Yours truly, …


november 23, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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