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The Economist (Comment 24.XII 08 02:05 to the paper “Baltic Brim” 18.XII 08)

“pahars wrote:

December 24, 2008 02:05

How did all this discussion (“Baltic brim”, üe) turn into some historical debate on Baltic-Russia relations.
The problem is the “economic” incompetence of the Latvian government and general corruption level, not its policies towards Russia.
Everytime any Baltic nation is hit with bad news there are some Baltic russians quick to bring out all the Moscow retoric on how bad we are, still nostalgic of the mighty Union. All they read is their one-way russian newspapers and watch Russian TV with no objective info whatsoever. They hate this country just because they have to learn the language of the people who are majority. What injustice! And all that endless marching SS crap (a band of harmless 80 year-olds putting flowers to the monument). Always quick to bring it up regardless of the fact that there are more fascist organizations in their beloved exemplary Russia than anywhere in the world, that actually frequently commit racial crimes.
Regarding the statue (Bronze Aljosha, üe) and the remains – they were relocated from the centre of the city to the cemetery. I will not comment on the wiseness of this, but just want to point out that exactly the same was done in one of the Russian cities at the time and there was no fuss whatsoever.
Somebody said that the culture level in Baltics is low?! Where do you get that from? It maybe lower since Russian occupation and the russian influx (don’t be a romantic by judging russians by the likes of Pushkin, Barishnikov etc), but it still remains very high, at least in that part of the population that consider their countries as their homeland.”

At least the culture of commenting is here not low, and economics as well. Indeed:

Ennuste wrote:

December 23, 2008 11:05
Dear Chivalric…

This labour productivity Table you quote is completely political product:

1) PPS is local deflator – eliminating local quality differences of comparable countries for some political reasons.
2) Economics based comparisons in this context must be made on the basis of POTENTIAL productivity of each country, to figure out how foolish the government is.
3) Economics says that in Riga the potential labour productivity can’t be higher as in Moscow, as Russians and “finance-inspectors” immigrants from Soviet occupation area are still dominating in Riga.

PS: sorry to say, this picture in the article “Baltic Brim” is also presented in political scale (1% slump looks like 10% , so serves well first of all for Kremlin).


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