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Letter 26.II 14

Letter to the Editor of the FT

From Prof Ülo Ennuste

Sir, Prof Geoffrey Roberts gives in the end of his Letter (The real lessons for Ukraine from Finland’s leaders, February 26) a somewhat questionable statement:


Finland remained independent after the war, not because it said no to the Soviet Union but because its leaders were wise enough to stay out of the cold war and to abjure western meddling in their internal affairs. That is a lesson of history that today’s leaders of Ukraine would do well to learn.“

a)      Actually Finland remained half-independent after the war with Soviet meddling in their internal and international affairs (see e.g.: Seppo Zetterberg, 1991) – and lost large territory in the east and got the Red Army naval base in the west of Helsinki plus enormous contributions – and its leaders were wise enough to digest that because at that time they had in Finland’s new borders no kind of Stalin’s fifth column or something like – and BTW – Hitler and Stalin were allies at that time.

b)      On the other hand the today’s leaders of Ukraine will learn nothing from Finland’s post-war strategy – as e.g., Sevastopol/Crimea is already practically occupied by tens of thousands Kremlin Russian guerrillas (for that reason Stalin’s genosidal deportation of about quarter million Crimean Tatars was carried out after the war) – and almost half so is the situation in the east regions of Ukraine altogether. Let’s hope that today’s leaders of Ukraine will be wise enough to tolerate “western meddling” in their internal affairs and not to let cutting up the Country entirely.

Ülo Ennuste, Tallinn, Estonia


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