Ülo Ennuste majandusartiklid

Märgukiri 29.VI 15

Märgukiri Teadusministrile ja meie Utoopiaalajakirjanikele – NB!:

A) Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 111 (2015) 71–78 „The impact of the assimilation of migrants on the well-beingof native inhabitants: A theory“ By Oded Stark, Jakub Bielawski, Marcin Jakubek

Ab s t r a c t: We present a theory that systematically and causally links the well-being of nativeinhabitants with variation in the extent of the assimilation of migrants. Recent empiricalfindings are yielded as predictions of the theory.© 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Ja B):


Ning C):



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