Ülo Ennuste majandusartiklid

Remark 15.IX 16

Remark on Narva razed to the ground in 1944 (in connection with Eesti Ekspress 14.IX 16 pp 8-12 “Is Narva the next?” )

“The front remained under Narva for five months and the plan of the Soviet Army General Staff to conquer the whole territory of Estonia in February 1944 failed.
This was followed by a revenge action of terror attacks on Estonian
towns. On the same night of 6 March, the Soviet Air Force carried out
such massive bombing attack on the town of Narva, that the town was
razed to the ground. The civilian population had been almost entirely
evacuated from the town by that moment. The artillery of the Estonian
Corps also took part in the destruction. Factory buildings were left
untouched during the bombing.”

In: http://www.digar.ee/arhiiv/nlib-digar:8192
pp 17-18.

P.S.: In the beginning of 1944 the civilian population has been almost entirely Estonians – and after the Stalinist occupation in Summer 1944 – had generally no official allowance to return.


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