Ülo Ennuste majandusartiklid

Remark 16.II 17

Rahvusliku intellektuaalkapiatali (sic! nähtamatute kapitalide nagu inimkapitali, sotsiaalkapitali jne – Mereste 2003 I lk226 ja II lk261 p4) mõõtmisest ja rahvusliku kommunikatsiooni strateegia disainimisest* – väärtuslik käsitlus hübriidsüjas agressiivse trollimise teaduspõhise ohjamise mehhanismide konstrueerimiseks ning tõerääkimise ärgitamiseks – eriti post-veritas ajastul – vt ka**


             „Sinu vaikimine ei kaitse sind“ Audre Lordealt (Sofi Oksanen PM 14.II 17 lk17)


*) Januskaite, Virginija; Lina Uziene (2015) „Intellectual Capital Measurements and National Strategy Development: Explaining the Gap“ – Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 213 ( 2015 ) 161 – 166: Available online at http://www.sciencedirect.com



The main purpose of the paper is to identify challenges that occur developing strategies based on national intellectual kapital (NIC) measurements. As it can be observed from IC literature, even though there are different methods to measure NIC, they are not commonly used among policy makers as a tool for strategic management decisions to raise competiveness of nation. This paper compares different approaches to measure NIC, reveals related problems and provides possible explanations accordingly. The findings of the paper show that there is a big gap between academic research and policy makers. Four major directions of explanations to bridge this gap are highlighted in the paper: (1) poor awareness of IC concept among policy makers, (2) methodology related issues, (3) changing leadership profile and (4) collaboration related issues. The insights to possible solutions are also presented. They reveal the need to research different countries regarding their NIC policy.

© 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

**) Ennuste, Ü. (2008) “Synthetic Conceptions of Implementing Mechanisms Design for Public Socio-Economic Information Structure: Illustrative Estonian Examples.” Kirch, Aksel et al. (Eds.) Socio-economic and institutional environment: harmonisation in the EU countries of Baltic Sea Rim: Tallinn University of Technology, 9 –39: http://www.ies.ee/iesp/No4/Ennuste.pdf


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